Thursday, November 21, 2019

Why Religion Cannot Be Excluded from American Politics Essay

Why Religion Cannot Be Excluded from American Politics - Essay Example This study discusses that  in recent times, there has been a growing feeling that only those views supported by fact should determine public policy. Many perceive religion as an expression of personal opinion, and religious followers share this sentiment. The result of this push has been that fewer religious followers are acting politically because they regard even their own views as opinion rather than fact.This paper outlines that  religious persons play by secularists’ tunes and are made to feel as second-class political participants. Secularists claim that most assumptions in Christianity are based on faith thereby nullifying their validity. However, in order to rightfully claim superiority in political discussions, secularists should also shed any assumptions of faith. This is simply not possible as no humans are value-free.  Secularists believe that society should decide what worth should be placed on man while Christians and other religious followers hold that God determines man’s worth. Therefore, in the abortion debate, secularists may support the act because they believe that some people hold greater value than others. This view is not necessarily based on fact but is an opinion about the primacy of society in determining people’s value. As it can be seen, secularists still engage in the very things that they criticize the church for.  Both groups have their own views on what man’s nature is, so they each deserve a place on the political table.

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