Tuesday, February 11, 2020

E Business Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

E Business - Essay Example This report will focus some major e-business concern that the Sage administration can use to assess the ROI on e-business implementation. The report will also focus various aspects of the business that will have a positive impact on adapting the suggested e-business model. Putting it simple Dave (2009, p. 4) states, â€Å"E-business has introduced new opportunities for small and large organizations to compete in the global market place.† The trend of using information in getting the competitive advantage is getting more and more acceptability by intelligent business managers. In a fast pace business environment today the intelligent use of information can provide an edge in decision making process. Business profitability heavily relies on the decisions that the management has to takes in nick of time. A good decision can bring more business to the company and a bad decision can play havoc with the business. The sell-side of boutique business has special concern for ensuring an d maximizing its item display management. Moreover, the emerging trends in fashion industry can have a very positive impact on decision making process. The increasing number of young online users is of special interest for boutique business as it can promote its business objectives rather easily by engaging this lot. Dave (2009, p. 4) has also pointed out this when he states, â€Å"In 2006, the global number of internet users passed 1 billion for the first time and in many countries over half the adult population is online.† The e-business model is a complete solution. It includes several internal and external system modules to cover the business operations. The internal system modules such as Human Resource Management (HRM), Finance, Stock Control or Inventory Management, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Supply Chain Management (SCM) etc and the external system modules such as Customer Care Management, Display Services, Orders Management, Trends Management System etc. form part of this e-business model. These internal and external systems are part of Knowledge Management (KM) system which provides decision support to the managers. Wei et. al.(2011, p. 235) has pointed out the use of this KM model, â€Å"By support of basic system modules, perfect KM could finish the process to collect, arrange, spread and apply the knowledge.† The e-business model for boutique is supposed to provide decision support through focused and targeted information for sell and buy side operations of the business. Some basic features and recommendations of such KM system are outlined in the following lines; (a) The system development phases should be properly outlined and a strict timeline should be followed for gradual migration on e-business information systems. (b) Priority should be assigned to the modules which have a direct impact on business growth. (c) E-sell (the selling side of the e-business) must offer the convenience that can move the customer to e-bu siness and customer should find it easy, effective and rapid to purchase goods online then coming all the way to boutique outlets. (d) E-sell order placement should be very convenient and proper feedback mechanism should be in place to keep close contact with the customer. (e) The objective of facilitating customer should remain the top priority of e-sell system and it functional aspect should not cause delay. (f) The customer time engagement should be minimized. (g) The minimal input required forms

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